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Well Hello Friends, Family and Fans!

Let me start by apologizing for not blessing you with my internet presence for the past 6ish months. Honestly, I bit off more than I could chew with my plans of writing and blogging and preparing to move back to Texas (hallelujah Californians are crazy!) You should also know that I was so condemned to update you that I am writing this post in my history class…not paying any attention to my monotone professor. Actually, his voice is more like static in the background, providing some white noise making my blogging easier.

I want everyone to know I hate winter. I hate being cold and I hate not having baseball.


So just so y’all know I have every intention of completing the book. I just don’t have a time yet. I have thousands of pictures and pages of notes to go through. Writing a book is a BIT of a tedious task, and I definitely underestimated it. But, it is still a dream of mine and I want to get it done.

This post is also in part due to the fact that my professor wants to read it. Thanks for the motivation to get back to my blog! There’s a follow button at the bottom right, make that happen Geoff! And did I use that colon right in my title? I pulled out my stylebook and I am going for emphasis!

For now you get to hear my frustration with the Rangers winter decisions.

WHY DIDN’T WE GO AFTER PRICE?!?? Can you imagine finishing a game thanking God you weren’t a victim of a the Strike Out King  thinking, “Whew, got through Darvish, who’s throwing tomorrow?” Then your almost excitement diminishes realizing it’s David Price.  I mean here we are spending stupid money and not buying arms. We need pitching JD, where’s your head at?

I do not agree with the Prince-Kinsler trade for many reasons. Obviously, I’m a girl…I like to look at Ian. And his old school pants are my favorite. But don’t get all sexist on me and ignore my valid reasons for hating this trade due to my wanna-be-baseball-wifery. Kinsler was a cornerstone in our franchise. He was loved by the fan base AND he is CONSISTENT.

Most of you are looking at the trade like a complete positive. And, don’t get me wrong I am excited to gain and extra 10-15 home runs. But, I want to offer up another idea to you and see if I can sway you to think a little more, instead of being blinded by a royal prince. Which, I should also add, I am not against Prince as a player. I would be ignorant to make any claims that he isn’t a great baseball player. I just don’t think it was necessarily the best for the Rangers, but I really hope I am wrong.

MY personal baseball philosophy is that defense wins championships. It doesn’t matter if you hit Babe Ruthy home runs if you can stop the other team from getting on base. With that being said, instead of spending $120 million on Elvis and picking up 7 years of a $214 million on Fielder, why not go get pitching?

Everyone who seems to be 100% of this Fielder thing has one thing they like about him. They come at me with the, “Oh, but Prince hits so many homers and he will in our park especially!” WHICH I COPLETELY AGREE WITH.  I just feel like they are only seeing home runs and not seeing the big picture. I will also add that on the list of MLB hitters Prince comes up at number 27 on the HR list playing in 162 games. So, he didn’t take a single day off, yet 25 of the 26 hitters ahead of him had days off and still hit more than he did. So yes, he hits home runs. But, he is no Chris Davis, who clearly couldn’t what he did in a Texas uniform. I believe the Tigers definitely got the better end of the deal in this one.

The point is you can’t base your team off homers, although they are helpful and exciting, I would have rather seen that money go to pitching. SO if you bring the Prince HR craze to my attention this is my argument–We have the best prospect in the game AND he plays SS. Not to mention, he made a statement his first time at bat in the majors with a HR. I’ll just point out that Profar hit 6 HR in 286 at bats and Andrus hit 4 in 620 in 2013. Basic math would say that if Profar had as many at bats as Andrus did, he would have hit 13 home runs.  My point is, what if we didn’t re-sign Andrus, let Profar play SS, left Kinsler at second and Moreland at first? So with this HR thing people keep talking about, in my scenario Prince hit 12 more HR than Kinsler did in 2013, but IF Profar is a 13 HR hitter really we win. Let’s think about this for a second, the three positions we are talking about here are 1st, 2nd, and SS. If we go off of 2013’s HR numbers and Profar’s hypothetical 13 this is how it adds up.

What we have with Prince

Prince(at 1st)-25 HR

Profar (at 2nd)-13 HR

Andrus (at SS)-4 HR

= 33 Homers

My scenario

Moreland (at 1st)- 23

Kinsler (at 2nd)-13

Profar (at SS)-13

= 49 Homers

Obviously there are a ton of factors I have not included but it’s food for thought. Also, some people will add that Prince will hit more homers at the ballpark. Well he will have to hit 16 more to get to 49. However slim chances, that is possible though because he hit over 41 HRs in ’07 and ’09.

I only bring this scenario up because again, most people are only telling me about how many HRs Prince will hit.

But in my scenario, we have PLENTY of money to buy a great pitcher. Specifically, David Price. I’m also not against Andrus by any means either. He is an incredible SS and combined with Beltre, provides the Ranger fan base with some comedy on and off the field. He is very young and his type of talent doesn’t come around often. I think that having him and Profar as middle infield will be great in the years to come I just worry about the mound.

As far as JP Arencibia, SO STOKED! I’ll buy his jersey simply because he is IS NOT Soto. I won’t continue on about my feelings toward Soto, just know I am not a fan. Also, JP provides me with the eye candy that was lost with Gentry and Kinsler. ❤

Speaking of Gentry, I’m so sad to see him go.

AND Shin Shoo Choo why we signed him through 2020 baffles me. I think we over paid on that one BIG time!!!

Oh, I forgot to tell you I got Fielder’s autograph at fan fest. Definitely a cool autograph to have, regardless of my past argument.

Well that’s about enough for now. I hope I opened up a couple of eyes and I’m sure there are plenty of arguments to be had still. Ultimately, I hope our pitching surprises me because if so, we will have a great season.

55 days ’till Opening Day.

I’m thinking about taking a trip to see a the Rangers play at a stadium I haven’t seen them at. Take a look at our schedule if you have any ideas or want to tag along at a certain park. Let’s plan it =]