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Incredible People

I wanted to make sure I got a shout out to everyone to has helped out to make this trip possible!
I want you to know I can’t do this without you and I seriously appreciate your generosity, support, and belief in me!

Jacob – You’re my hero and my rock and the best brother in the world thank you for pushing me to be the best I can be, encouraging me to follow my dreams, and loving me unconditionally. Love you!

Hollie- You’re the sister I always dreamed of having and so much more. Thanks for keeping me grounded, showing me love like no other, and making me realize my potential. Love you!

Barbara Smith- Thank you for always being there and picking up my dreams when they got tossed to the ground. Your support emotionally and financially are what’s making this trip possible!

Patrick Smith- Thank you for giving up for entire summer to come with me, it will be an adventure!

Caitlin Collins- Thanks for being my raya! Your love and support and genuine excitement for me is so encouraging, you know I’d be lost without you.

Shondra Carter- Thanks for sucking it up and driving with me to get me to Texas! And for just being wonderful in general, your support means the world to me and I’m blessed to have you!

Michael Sarten- Thank you for being awesome, giving me your hard earned money, a tent, a sleeping bag, and an auto parts store gift card…that was genius and is really coming in handy! And for believing in me too!

Jake Sutton- Your excitement and belief in me from so far away was definitely an encouragement! Also you contributed seeds and way too much money!! Thanks Speedy the Turtle!

Lori Sutton- You were the first person who told me “I read your posts, and I was excited to see you posted again” that was more encouraging than you could ever realize, seriously. Thank you!

Joseph Lamas- Thanks for your Astros tickets! That’s was way cool of you!

RJ Breisacher- Thank you for the ideas of this trip and for all of the help you continue to give to me for awesome connections and advice!

Duane Boyle- Thank you for tipping me WAY too much for two Coronas every Friday morning!

Tina Pangle- Thank you so much for hooking us up with a hotel in Phoenix! That is very helpful

Dean Dietz- I have so much to thank you for, seriously. #1 tipping me over the top #2 your support #3 keeping me posted on my games while I work #4 too much $ on a gift card #5 and WAY TOO MUCH $ for StubHub… You really are awesome

Tom Ripley- Thanks so much for donating your hard earned money. And I’m sorry for my poor team selections haha

Alex Gordon- Thanks for my 5$ to grab a beer in Chicago:) It will happen!

George Kalasarinas- Thank you for donating your hard earned money as well and for supporting my dream!

Ann Moore- Thank you for your excitement and for also donating some hard earned cash!

George Ortega- Thank you for supplying the beer that I sold, to get tipped, to fund this trip! Haha and also for the money I made throwing darts!

Nick Moen- Thank you for your encouraging words and excitement and for making sure we don’t need a hotel when we see the Twins!

Ryan Huckaby- For doing the trip before me!!! And being engaged in my blog, thank you!

Nathan Bisonette- Thank you for being so excited and making your own mini trips to match mine!

Paul Goodloe- For incredible hospitality and a couch to crash on.

Joyce Spieker- For my Rockies tickets and for being my Aunt, I love you=]

Kristina & Jayden Heaton- For letting me hang out at your house for the week I was there and taking me to the best  “carnivore” I love you both!

Allan Brandt- For giving me a couple innings of his time to tell me all about Coors Field and to make sure I tried Rocky Mountain Oysters

Matt Weil- For all of your help with CouchSurfing and game tickets! And for being awesome.

Gwen Baird- For the incredible cash donation and for the wonderful Cardinals experience.

Tony Hartman- For the random but awesome gift of a lanyard, it’s more handy than you know.

Jeffrey Mercado- For opening your home to us and being so generous. Also for the Tampa tickets!

I know for a fact I am forgetting some and I am truly sorry! But this will be updated as I travel!

If you really wish to this is our donations page!

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