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I am Reachelle Spieker  🙂 I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, but I currently live in Southern California. I am 22 and  have been a baseball fan my entire life and completely fanatical about the Texas Rangers. I was the weird little girl who watched Pudge, Rusty, Gonzalez, Palmeiro and Clayton instead of  Tom and Jerry.   When I was 8, I was the happiest little girl when we were best in the west and the saddest when we lost 3-0 in the ALDS to pintripes. Thus begun my hatred for the Yankees.

I also played softball, which only lit a fire under my passion for the sport.  And so baseball is stitched in my soul. I was with my church youth leader in high school sitting at Minute Maid Park when I made the goal that I was going to see every MLB stadium. It was last year at Angels Stadium when I decided to be crazy and over the top and do it all in one summer. I’ve gone through plans after plans and rescheduling multiple times, but its going to happen, and I am stoked. I will begin in May and end in August, road tripping America to see at least one game at 30 MLB parks.  It is going to be an adventure! Check out the schedule tab to see the route.  The plan of the trip is to write a book called Stitched In Our Soul, Why America Loves Baseball.  I want to learn as much as I can from every teams fan base about how they fell in love with the game.  Baseball has a culture of it’s own and I can’t wait to experience it across the country!

This blog is about the trip and all things baseball

If you want to contact me about the trip or anything else please do so via email

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  1. Kenny Bowers

    Wow, I’m very impressed by your writing skills. It’s very rare these days to find someone that writes as well as you. It was a pleasure meeting you and you friend tonight and talking and being able to treat you guys to a beer. Houston police officer kicked me out of the game for telling Astros bullpen guys their team is terrible and will lose over 100 games this year. I couldn’t believe I was kicked out for this. I hope you guys have a lot of fun on your trip. I’m jealous, happy journeys!

  2. So glad you are living your dream! My first game was at the age of 8. I went to Sportsman’s Park (before the old Busch Stadium). I saw Stan Musial and got Julian Javier’s autograph! I was hooked! Love me some Cardinal baseball! GO RANGERS!!!!!!


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