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Okay everyone I am so sorry I have been slacking on the posts! It is not easy keeping up and I’m pretty worn out. I promise to eventually get around to updating you on each park but right now let me give you a quick over view of what has been happening!! 

We have driven to Florida, which I was not impressed by either park, but regardless had a great time. Saw the Marlins win, that is a rare feat. From there we headed to Atlanta, had an absolute GREAT host, Josh Griffith. Went to the very first Chick-fil-A…I was super stoked. Watched the Braves beat the Giants and got a ton of free Braves gear. Then on our way to the Washington, we stopped to see the Durham Bulls…apparently I need to see the movie. In Washington I got bit by a black squirrel, was upset that the Washington Monument is under construction, decided I needed real shoes, and cried at the Vietnam Veteran Memorial Wall. The Nats game was great except Bryce Harper was still on the DL. In Philly I catered to my history buff/nerd side and LOVED the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and all around history of the city. The Phillies lost, their prices were outrageous, and their fans absolutely trashed the parking lot, I even smelled pee. But, the park was solid and had a great view of downtown, minus one very out of place billboard. Camden Yards is officially my favorite park so far. Just felt like a ballpark. AND it was designed by a woman! Janet Marie Smith is my hero. Other than the park…Baltimore scared me. I hope I never see a potential shooting /carjacking EVER again. We then took our trip to NYC, and that place my friends, is another world. We experienced what we could of the city in our short time: Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Central Park, 9/11 Memorial, and real NY pizza. We probably could have done more if we would have figured out the dang subway system faster. The Yanks LOST the the Rangers and we had a great time reppin’ our Texas red amidst a sea of navy. At the Mets game we got free T-shirts and the park is definitely top 5. Seeing Matt Harvey pitch was also pretty fantastic. Next was Boston. Fenway Park…need I say more??? Oldest park in baseball, green monster, walk off…amazing. Actually, the parking was outrageous and I wish we would have woken up early enough to take the subway. We sat close to a girl whose husband was in the Boston Bombing and his story is heart wrenching. Being far away from tragedy desensitizes you…I was almost in tears with compassion as the pain of the bombing became real. You can check out Marc’s story at Before heading out we stopped at the Salem Witch Museum. The whole town was eery and being there on Halloween is officially on my bucket list. We had the pleasure of staying with my wonderful Aunt Colleen in New Hampshire before making our way to Cooperstown, NY. That place is heaven! I was giddy walking into the Hall of Fame. For the 4th of July, we watched fireworks over Niagara Falls, on the American side after eating dinner on the Canadian side. I stood in two countries at the same time, that was cool. In Toronto we met some incredibly nice people…Canadians really live up to the generosity we hear about. Everything in Canada was way more expensive than it should be. Especially the 128.9/liter of gas. Thank goodness we figured out that was in cents, not dollars. The Jays won and we got to see Kawasaki play second, the fans absolutely love him. A season ticket holder, John MacMillan, sat next to us and told us all we needed to know about the Rogers Center and then gave us an incredible donation. People continue to amaze me. We were both pretty excited to get back to the American border so our phones would work properly. Once in Detroit, we stopped at White Castle…bad decision. I was expecting something delicious….something movie worthy. But, they were terrible. We did’t stop for a game there as we will be making our way there by the end of this week. We drove straight through to Cincinnati, where we are now. The Great American Ballpark had a great vibe and even though the Reds lost to the Mariners, we had a great time. Tim Parks, the creator of the MLB Passport, treated us to tickets in the Campions Club. The all you can eat food worked out well, we ate enough there to get us through the rest of the day to save us some money! I love this city, too bad it snows in the winter or I could add it to my places of  possible future living, but I’m too much of a cold weather wimp.


Tomorrow morning we head to Pittsburgh and Cleveland from there. I am having the best time and learning so much! I am exhausted though, mentally and physically. But, I am so excited for our next destination. 


Here are some pictures!! It doesn’t look like they loaded in any particular order and it’s already 1:30am and I am way too tired to organize, so just enjoy them!!!


Here are some pics!Image

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  1. I know this is way later haha but I know what you mean. I fell way behind my blog too, and I started mentally and physically feeling the exhaustion about halfway through the trip. What kept me going? Just knowing it was all once in a lifetime and that it was really the only chance I would know for sure I would get to explore. Love all the pictures, reminds me of last year. Keep on keepin on!


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