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Colorado’s Cow Balls

I had to go through a whole lot to get to Coors Field!

I never thought I would be scared to drive anywhere during the day. I was wrong. On the drive from the Grand Canyon to Denver, I was genuinely afraid to pull over no matter how bad I had to pee. Not only did we drive through a red desert full of absolutely NO visibility dust storms, I’m pretty sure we found the meth capital of America. Scattered across the God-forsaken desert were random skull painted, worn down shacks….with nothing around them for miles. The closest thing to them would be a couple tattered, worn down, puzzle pieced together double wides.  But even those make shift communites were a couple miles down the highway. And, it wasn’t just one creepy, horror movie scene, meth kitchen shack…we saw multiple! No store or gas station for miles and miles….perfect for the drug fiend. Obviously, there is no evidence for our case other than our wild, but surely accurate imaginations

Let’s rewind though and talk about the amazing Grand Canyon. Patrick’s exact words were “Be ready to have your mind blown.” No matter how big I thought I could think…my mind was blown. I could just stand and stare at the majesty of that hole in the ground for hours. It was breath taking and definitely humbling. It reminded be of how small I really am in the world. I definitely cannot wait to go back and go hiking!
We drove right by the four corners, so I was planning on having one extremity in four different states. It was going to be an epic picture! However, we didn’t realize that the whole four corners experience was an actual park, with a closing time. Midnight was definitely not a park hour and we didn’t even get to drive up to the corners spot. We were both pretty bummed out.
We ended up sleeping in my car at a random camp spot. We are equipped with a tent, but decided on the car because it was below 40 degrees…and we are pure bred Texans, who don’t like cold. Even though we were inside the car, I was smart and still used my sleeping bag and I was warm all night. Patrick on the other hand is ” a man for God’s sake” and decided on just a small fleece blanket. I got to say “I told you so” and didn’t feel bad for his frozen toes one bit.
Once in Denver we split ways. We both have family in the city and had the chance to see them. I managed to see every Spieker that lives in the Denver area…and that my friends, is no easy task. My lovely cousin Kristina and her little boy Jayden (the little boy in the picture with me at the bottom) let me crash at their house for the time I was there and I am quite thankful!
The energy outside of Coors Field was high, full of excitement and there were tons of vendors outside the park to get people prepared to watch a great baseball game. Peanuts, cotton candy, seeds…all of the important things.
My aunt got us GREAT tickets 6 rows behind the dugout for the game on June 1st against the Dodgers.  Because it was a day game I was unable to attend a tour, but as fate would have it I sat next to a die hard Rockies fan who taught me all I needed to know about the stadium and more.  Allan Brandt has been a season ticket holder for 20 years…ever since Coors Field has been in Denver. He is on the left…unfortunately my photographer didn’t know how to use the camera phone, and cut me out of the picture.
photo copy 2
The park was built around an on old rail yard and while in construction they found an dinosaur egg. Their stegosaurus mascot, Dinger hatched not long after.
As far as tickets are concerned, one has many options.  The Coors Clubhouse sits behind home plate and includes an all you can eat dinner. If you’re looking to keep it on the cheaper side, look for tickets in the Rock Pile. The Rock Pile is a second deck, bleacher only section in center field and you can find ticket as cheap as $4. There is a fan picnic area on grass level under the out of town manual scoreboard in right field. This was the Rockies 20 year anniversary. For all season ticket holders who have been holders all 20 years, like Allan, they gave them a gift card equal to 10% of the price they paid for this years tickets.
I realized that the Rockies are incredibly kid friendly. They announced the Jr. Starting Lineup at the beginning of the game. There were 9 of them and each had their own position. They took the field before the home team ran out, with a brand new shiny baseball and a sharpie. The Rockie of the matching position signed it for them before warming up, leaving them with a memory they will never forget, and a story they will tell their grandkids. There is a concession stand just for kids in left field called Buckaroos. If there are any future sluggers or hurlers at the game they have batting cages and speed pitching in the outfield experience. They even had a fantasy broadcasting booth, which was tempting but instead I decided to jump in the cages.
If you aren’t sitting in the upper deck it would be hard to notice the purple stripe that circles through the nosebleeds. This marks exactly one mile above sea level. The stadium itself was pretty impressive, built out of brick and had a great downtown location. We were walking distance to plenty of places to eat. If you go to a game I would definitely suggest walking to hang out somewhere after the game and let traffic die down. It was pretty terrible.
Allan told me that the game balls are stored in a humidor until they need to be used in the game. This is because the altitude of the park makes the ball just fly. If it weren’t this way Coors Field would probably have twice the homer runs as it does now.
Coors Field had a great selection of food as well. My sister would be happy to visit because it’s the first field I had seen with an entire gluten free stand, with beer and all! Some others I noticed were berry kaboobs… a.k.a chocolate covered strawberries on a stick. They sold the fancy nuts like you see at all of the malls during the holidays at a couple kiosks. I was pretty impressed with their craft beer selection as well, but as much as I wanted to try something new I had to have a Coors Light at Coors Field…cliche.
Allan decided it was imperative for me to try rocky mountain oysters. He knew I wasn’t from around there when I told him I didn’t like seafood, I guess I set myself up for that one. He disappeared for a while and came back with a fresh batch of fried cow balls and marinara…as if the sauce would do anything for the terrible visual I had as I bit into disgustingness. I almost threw up.
But hey, I tried them. YUCK
I really like how the Jumbo Tron told us how the Rockies obtained each player that was at bat. They Rockies also love them some Troy Tulowitzki. They have their own chant for him, that the whole stadium engages in and the Jumbo Tron says “TULO-git To Quit” as he comes to the plate.
 Thanks to Cargo and Cuddy I got to see the water fountains in the outfield after a Rockies homer.
Before the 3rd inning there was a “Finish the Lyrics” contest for a fan to win a Coors Prize pack.  After signing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” during the stretch , they crown sang along to Hey Baby! (If You’ll Be My Girl). The Rockies version of a mascot race is the “Comfort Dental Tooth Trot” after the 7th inning. There is Fresh the toothpaste, Toothy the Tooth, and Bristles the Toothbrush who face up each home game. In The middle of the middle of the 8th a lucky fan got to gamble a little bit in the High/Low game. They picked higher or lower by using the players number as the showed on the screen. If they get it right four times in a row they win free tickets to an upcoming game..
The energy was high from the time we walked in until Dexter Fowlers walk off hit in the bottom of the 10th. The fans were fun and I even saw a Texas shirt in the crowd!  I had a great time in Denver and I was so glad I got to see my family. I was also glad the Rockies beat the Dodgers 🙂
 Next up-KC ROYALS
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  1. I tried the Rocky Mountain Oysters too! I finished a whole batch, but only out of the sake to say I did. I’ll likely never have them again lol. I definitely liked the outside brick of Coors Field, but the actual inside of the stadium didn’t do much for me. I heard if you sit higher you can see the Rocky Mountains in the background, but I missed out on that. Safe Travels and keep up the good reviews!


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