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What do Yu know about 11?

Baseball is all about numbers. Averages, percentages, statistics, rankings…everything.  Lately I’ve noticed an unusual number pattern, call me crazy but I just can’t ignore the 11‘s that keep showing up around Yu Darvish.

11 is often referred to as the Master Number…let’s see how it affects Yu.

Let’s begin over seas. In 2011 Darvish was the highest paid pitcher in Japan. 2011 was also the last year he pitched in Japan, before coming to the US. In his last appearance in Japan on the Nippon Ham Fighters, Darvish departed in the 7th inning allowing one run on four hits and struck out nine. Except after he left the game, their opponents, the Saitama Seibu Lions, came back to win the game in extra innings. And in Yu Darvish’s last game played in Japan…his team lost in the 11th inning.

Yu Darvish wears 11 on his back.

In his heartbreaking almost perfecto was the first time I started to truly pay attention to 11. As most of you know he lost a perfect game with two outs in the bottom of the 9th inning. This made him the 11th pitcher in MLB history to lose a perfect game on his 27th batter. The perfect game was lost when Marwin Gonzalez got a hit up the middle on Darvish’s 111th pitch of the game.

Yu Darvish also pitched 111 pitches in his prior start to last night and win over the Mariners on 4/19.

In last night’s major beating of the Angel’s…which I was at and it was FANTASTIC to watch us demolish the Halos…Darvish started the game with a career ERA of 2.11 at Angels Stadium.  At the end of the game his team had 11 hits, scored 11 runs, and he struck out 11. Darvish pitched 6 scoreless innings…making that a total of 11 innings pitched against the Angels thus far.

Also, as of today batters facing Darvish with Runners In Scoring Position have a batting average of .211.

Did I mention I wore number 11 on my back when I played too? 🙂

And I also make a wish at 11:11.

Anyways, these numbers may be crazy to draw together, but I just could’t resist. I think it’s safe to say we will being seeing great things from Rangers jersey number 11 this year.

And I think it would be fitting if this continues and we dropped one numeral from 11 and made Darvish the 1st in a Ranger uniform with an AL Cy Young award.

Go Rangers!!!

Summer Is Coming!

30 ballparks. 1 summer. 1294702 times plans have changed.

I have always been taught never to give up on your dreams.

Yes, I am still going on a 3 month road trip to see one game at all 30 MLB parks, just not as originally planned. But hey nothing is perfect the first time…ask Yu.

This trip has been the one of the most exciting and the most frustrating things I have ever planned in my entire life. It is crazy how many obstacles are thrown at you when you decide to follow through with your dreams. I think it’s God’s way of determining how bad you want it and if you truly deserve it. Well I want this trip to happen, bad. And it is going to. So here’s the update.

The name of my blog pretty much describes me. Baseball is stitched in my soul. Call me weird because I am a girl and it should be something like shopping or nails or hair or something. Don’t get me wrong, I’m probably the girliest TomBoy you’ll ever meet. Trust me I can shop till I drop, fix my  hair, and get a manicure any day of the week. But, I am obsessed with baseball. It could be because playing softball my entire life was my escape from reality or it could be that I just really like a guy in baseball pants 😉 But regardless, I love it and I could watch it all day, every day. That is why this blog is “Everything Baseball, From a Girl.” I may be a girl but I know what I am talking about when baseball is the subject. Along with the baseball chatter, you’ll also hear stories from my summer trip, and we will surely be debating who the hottest man is baseball is eventually.

Our trip will last from May 14-August 10.



I am now going with my friend Patrick Smith and you can follow him at

He is in school for videography and plans to make some awesome videos during the trip so get excited to see them! I will also be updating this blog constantly. Along with seeing the country and baseball parks we will be seeing A LOT of America’s Starbucks for blogging updates and video editing sessions.

My goal is to write a book titled Stitched In Our Soul, Why America Loves Baseball.  On the trip I will be gathering as much information as I can about people and why the fell in love with the game. I want to learn something different from each park and each fan base. Baseball is America’s Pastime and it’s time to find out why.

Check the schedule at the top of the page!


Always remember to ROOT FOR THE RANGERS!


Worth Noting

After the anticipation that Anaheim had for the mighty Josh Hamilton…he has not broken Mendoza Line yet…

After the anticipation Josh Hamilton had for the great city of Anaheim…their Opening Night looked pretty empty while losing to the A’s. I’m sure glad he found such a great Baseball Town.

Berkman is hitting .480 with a bomb and 7RBIs…loving it.

More good news is even though its very, very, early the Rangers are currently in 1st place in the AL (tied with A’s) and only one game behind 1st in the league (The Braves and the Upton bros) without Hamilton, Napoli, or Young.

And, also congrats to Nick Tepesch on your debut…you earned that pie in the face!